How to Add a Donation Button to Your Website and Increase Donations

How to Add a Donation Button to Your Website and Increase Donations

By Noa Raiten on 03/03/2021

Did you know that by adding a donation button to your own website you can increase the amount of donations you get?

How to add a Donation Button

What is a donation button?
A donation button, or donate button, is a clickable button on an organization’s website that leads donors to a donation page. This allows donors to make a donation easily.

I already have a donation page; do I also need a donation button?
Yes. The donation button leads to the donation page and gives users on the site more opportunities to choose to donate. Including a donation button on your nonprofit’s website is a great way to encourage people who are engaging with your content to support your cause.

Where should a donation button be placed?
The donation button should be placed somewhere prominent on your site, where it is easy to find preferably on the site’s top navigation menu. That way, the button follows the user anywhere on the site.

What should the donate button say?
Keep it simple – a short phrase like “Donate,” “Support,” or “Give Now”.

What should the donate button look like?
The button should fit the design of your website. Choose a color that matches the site’s design and an easy-to-read font.

How do I create a donate button?

  • On your website builder add a button and place it in the location you desire.
  • Add a Call-to-action, which is what the button says (Donate, Support, Give Now etc.).
  • Design the button’s size, color, font and shape.
  • On your GivingWay Dashboard find the donate button section. Copy and paste your link into your button’s setting on your own website.
  • Congrats! A user that clicks on the donation button will now reach your GivingWay donation page.

Different website builders look a bit different. This video shows one example of creating a donate button with GivingWay.
If you had a professional build your website, you might want to consult with them on how to add a button. If you need further assistance reach out to our support team.