Timeshare – This is a good thing

A few years ago, we bought the first few weeks of vacation time. We had no idea what we were getting into, but made the purchase and never regretted the decision. The choice to shop for weeks at a beach in an area we enjoyed visiting was good. For the first few years we used […]

6 Good Books to Read on Your Trips

Nothing can be more arbitrary than deciding which books are best to read while traveling. Reading is such a subjective activity, based on personal preference, that telling anyone who needs to take Janna Gray's Kilingiri or Dan Brown's Da Da Vinci Code to self-limit themselves on the plane is nerve-wracking. On the other hand, the […]

Tips for good health on your travels

Great if you are planning a trip or vacation with your friends or family. If you want to visit an exotic place or other vacation spot, you will have some great plans to have fun with others. But there may be something that will spoil all the fun. This would be that you could fall […]

Essential Ski Trip

If the person doing the planning knows what he is doing, then planning a ski trip can be easy. Common sense is the only thing a person needs in order to plan their ski trip wisely. You just need to know what the essentials are to bring along the journey and things will be fine. […]

Tips for finding accommodation in Florence

Where to go to find accommodation in Florence when you make that next big trip to France? You and I both know that it can be difficult to find good accommodation at an affordable price, but it's important to make the trip go smoothly. If you are traveling abroad, you want to make sure you […]

Five good reasons to make an escorted trip to Peru

When planning a trip to Peru, should you travel independently or take a guided tour? The answer lies in the kind of traveler you want to be and the expectations you have for your trip. But even freelance travelers are signing up for escorted tours, hoping to transfer the hassle of travel planning and organizational […]