Europe Travel Planning – Good methods to organize your trip to Europe

If you are looking at preparing for a trip to Europe, you will surely feel a little lost. The cultural diversity and differences between countries are so vast that you cannot get knowledge across the continent unless you have spent more than a year there. Instead, and understanding your boss is not the kind of nice guy who will give you an entire year, I'll give you some tips for planning your trip to Europe.

First of all, the basic question. Where do you start from? Well, many people will tell you very different things, but as a professional travel organizer I would not hesitate to tell you where you want to be. Sounds like very obvious, but many people are just starting to look for flights to Europe and they still don't know what Europe wants to see. If you understand Europe as a country, you are very wrong. Planning a trip to Europe should then start with a selection of places or cities you are looking to visit.

I strongly encourage all my clients to look at a settled region rather than trying to get a little out of everything. If you take Eastern Europe, don't try to see Paris and Rome as well, it just won't make sense. Keep in mind and visit Paris, Rome, Berlin and London another year on another trip focusing on the big capitals. If you choose the south of Europe, go to Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal. Watching Sweden on this trip would not make sense.

Once you have selected the area of ​​your choice, the next step in planning a trip to Europe is to look at transport between cities. If you are visiting fewer than 6 cities a plane will always be the best option. If you are looking for a longer ride, a train pass will normally be your best option. it is more time consuming, but in Europe a train ride can be an experience in itself, especially if you choose central Europe as a region to discover.

Then it's time to look for flights. Being aware of the flights that connect your city to the continent you should be able to see which city is cheaper to fly. Normally, a round trip will be the best option, so try to start and finish your itinerary in the same place, even if it means you will make an extra train or plane trip to a city you have already visited. I can promise it will be cheaper in the end.

Finally, accommodation and activities are the last things left. I will not expose an entire strategy for choosing accommodation as this would be another article, and the purpose of this is to prioritize your mind when it comes to planning travel in Europe. If you know what comes first and what comes last, you will get it very soon! However, if you need help, some travel organizers can set it up for you for a pretty reduced price.