Free Flights – Decision – Circle Trip or Go The Airline and Return with Another?

Yes, it sounds like a strange question, but it matters. If not, I certainly wouldn't be writing this article.

Let's begin. The question here, as the title says, is to find out if we want to take a round trip with a single airline, or prefer to go with one and return with another. Again, the answer is not clear, but there are many things that can be said to give you a little guidance.

One might think that if you can find a good price with an airline to go, but the price to return is high enough, the competency will have a lower fee. Well, it may be, but rarely. If the day you return the charges with your outbound airline are high, it certainly means that the competency will also have high fees on this day. The market is the same, and since the reason for a high fee is high demand, it would be strange for two airlines covering the same route on the same day to have different requirements, wouldn't it?

Now that you have subscribed, I will say that this is not always like this, and the exception comes when we are talking about terrible time flights. I call them like that because they really are. You need to wake up at 3:00 am to arrive at the airport at 5:00 am because your flight departs at 7:00 am. Okay, you've probably found a good plane here, in case competence doesn't fly at the same time, of course!

There is a general rule that also applies. Whichever route you choose, hot deals will almost always be for round trips, not single flights. This puts you in trouble if you manage to find a good deal with another airline. If you fly with one and return with the other, you can't go shopping, but at the same time the price to return with this other airline was extremely low! It's not easy, but if an airline has a good list of discount travel deals, it's almost certain that the best option you can get is those deals.

At the same time, flying a single airline will allow you to accumulate miles if you join one of their frequent flight schedules. If you go with one and return with the other, you will always end up having points with all airlines, but none of them will be repayable for anything as the quantity will not be so high. In any case, current alliances enable you to change some points from here to there, so you should consider this option as well.

After all, I would say that you would normally find the best deal by flying the same airline from all points of view, and I only recommend flying with another in the event that travel circumstances offer clear advantages. for you. In that case, keep in mind that you are sacrificing miles for a slightly better price, so think deeply about this before making the decision.