Jungfrau: Switzerland's High School Ski Destination

The rewards of a ski school trip are many: the opportunity for students to discover a new part of the world, test new skills and spend time with one another, as well as the physical challenge and fun of doing it a great way to provide a well-rounded and faith-strengthening experience. To ensure that their journey fulfills this potential, travel leaders must be selective when it comes to planning it – and especially when choosing a destination. With its wide ski slopes and stunning location, the area around Jungfrau, one of Switzerland's best mountains, is an ideal choice. Located in the picturesque Bernese Alps, with a vibrant atmosphere and superlative reputation as a winter sports destination, Jungfrau has it all. Read on to find out more.

Skiing in Jungfrau

While there are many elements that make Jungfrau a great opportunity for a ski school trip, the main factor is the quality and quantity of its premises. The destination is home to three excellent ski areas: Wengen, Grindelwald, and KleineScheidegg & Mannlichen. Not only does this mean that students will never find themselves bored or out of new options to try – it also provides one of Europe's most flexible snowboarding experiences, with something to suit every level of skills. At one end of the staircase are the soft nursery slopes; on the other hand, the World Cup course. Highlights include the pristine slopes around Wengen, accessible by rail only, and the exciting options offered by Grindelwald – including a semi-snow tube.

Evening activities

No school trip is complete without good skiing activities, and while staying in the Jungfrau area there are plenty of opportunities to keep young people entertained in the evenings. Stopping muscle after a day on the slopes is important, and there are a variety of physical activities on offer to ensure perfect evening training, including swimming and snowboarding. For a fun and active evening, the local skating rink is a great option, and other nights can be spent socializing at the hotel or dancing to the disco.

About Jungfrau

While skiing can be the main focus of a ski school trip, it is especially helpful to choose a destination that has interesting sights and activities across the slopes, and the Jungfrau area has plenty to offer. Filled with a vibrant cosmopolitan buzz that Switzerland is known for, the mountain towns offer all the atmosphere and culture that a travel guide could hope for. Well worth a visit is Jungfraujoch, a crossing between the Jungfrau Mountains and Monch, which is home to a number of excellent attractions, including Europe's tallest railway station, overlooking platforms overlooking the stunning Aletsch Glacier, and the Ice Palace , an impressive gallery of ice sculptures. Visiting Jungfraujoch by train is also a great way to enjoy breathtaking alpine landscapes.