The Carmelite sisters receive egg offerings in exchange for prayers for good weather

Along the busy Lacson Road, Mandalagan will not expect a quiet Monastery just a few strolls away from Robinson Market. The abbot is known as the "Carmel of God's love" and true to his name, the Carmelite Sisters offer themselves to God by living a life of contemplative prayer and self-sacrifice. Since their spiritual focus is in prayer, many of the nuns' lives are hidden away from the public. Every day, nuns receive prayer requests from people written on a piece of paper accompanied by an outdoor donation or in the form of goods. A well-known appreciation for the Carmelite sisters is in the form of eggs accompanied by a special request for good weather. Schools in Bacolod City usually offer dozens of eggs to the Carmelite sisters in exchange for good weather for an upcoming trip or school event. The University of St. La Salle Bacolod would offer dozens of eggs to the Carmelite sisters before their graduate students had their trip to Cebu-Bohol that usually takes place around the end of the school year. Many people believe in the prayer of the sisters, and many have witnessed in the sister's miraculous interventions. This offer of eggs for good weather occurs not only in the Carmelite monastery here in Bacolod but also elsewhere in the Philippines. During the Summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in Cebu, Governor Gwendolyn Garcia gave truck loads to the Carmelite sisters. Although there was no typhoon during that time, the country has been experiencing heavy rains due to the cold front.

The donated eggs were not given directly to the Carmelite Sisters as they could not get out of the monastery and see people. People who want to donate eggs to the convent must make donations to a person in charge and then that person will give the egg nuns and the note containing the prayer. You may wonder what the nuns do for all these eggs. These eggs are actually made into cookies and other delicacies. These are then sold at a convent store to raise funds for their convent.

Egg delivery has been an old tradition and it has been a mystery where this practice originated. In fact, eggs are not the only commodities offered to Sister Carmelite, but they can also provide fruit, bread and groceries. However, most people still think that eggs are the most effective form of supply.