8 great tips to avoid eating problems when traveling

One of the best parts of traveling is enjoying and enjoying all sorts of new and delicious food, whether you are driving around the country or flying around the world. And, of course, it's fun to leave a little and eat things you wouldn't normally throw away during a week at home, that's part of the freedom and excitement of being on vacation!

But we all know the feeling when we've had many roads for many days: total power shortages, bloating, dehydration, headaches, or slippery hairs, pronounced jet lag, increased sensitivity to getting sick. . All of these things can really get in the way of maximizing your travel enjoyment. And if you are someone with a dietary restriction, you know the added frustration of trying to find good food that will be helpful to you!

The great news is that it is easier than ever to make the kinds of food choices that will keep you healthy and energized while away from your usual routine. Here are some simple ways to eat great while you're taking in the best moments of your journey:

  1. Plan ahead. Often when we are traveling, we are out of the routine and do not eat at regular intervals. Sometimes we can go a few hours without eating anything.

    Contrary to the popular myth that you should stop eating to "save space" for a large meal, going for long stretches without eating actually slows down metabolism and causes your body to become sluggish and tired and addicted. from calories. Our bodies experience these periods as "mini-starvations" and send our brains into a state of panic. To keep your blood sugar steady and to avoid energy losses (which can then lead to high sugar overproduction or fried foods), aim to eat little by little every two hours while you are at transit and while you are out and about, in the form of foods that are nutrient-dense and low in protein. Pack snacks for easy access: nuts, seeds, boiled eggs, hard fruits (like apples), veggies and hummus, or natural fruit and nut bars.

    If you know where you are staying, look at restaurants in your hotel area. Check with your hotel or head to the usage menus and see what's available. Once you arrive, you can use an app like AroundMe to find healthier restaurants in your area. And check out these smartphone apps that can help you find gluten and other allergen-free options while traveling.

  2. Remember the grocery store! A supermarket, and especially a local co-op, may be your best ally while traveling. You will have easy, free access to fresh produce and wholesome foods. You will find a wider variety of excellent foods that are gluten free, dairy and other common allergens at a reasonable cost. Plus, many co-options also have a deli where you can get delicious sandwiches, salads or wraps to take with you during the day.

  3. Your mom was right: get your greens and take your vitamins. As you travel, your immune system is exposed to thousands of new pathogens — especially in airplanes and other mass transit. You want to make sure your body has what it needs to stay healthy and fight germs and process toxins. Don't forget to pack your vitamins and other supplements too! If you can't get ready access to fresh greens, consider picking up some dusty greens that you can bring with you and easily mix in a glass of water or a smoothie in the morning.

  4. Speaking of smoothies in the morning … if you are truly committed to your daily intake of fruits and vegetables, you might even consider bringing a travel blender. This may seem extreme to some, but consider this: most are under $ 20, fit easily in a suitcase or in the back of the car, and may be just the thing to quickly make an energy breakfast of fruit, nuts and vegetables that will keep you up all morning.

  5. Drink more water than you usually do. The aircraft and hotel rooms are extremely dry. Walking around all day consumes energy and dehydration. Often people drink alcohol or soda with meals, which are also dehydrating. Drinking more than 8 glasses of ordinary water a day will keep you energized, hydrate your cells, keep your skin glowing and help you flush out toxins.

  6. Drink less alcohol than everyone around you is drinking. This can be challenging especially on business trips, where drinking is a popular pastime. But in addition to worsening dehydration and air humidity, dumping more than two drinks leads to healthier eating. (A study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that men get an average of 433 calories from alcohol and food when consuming more than two drinks!)

  7. Try to rest your beauty eight hours. Said easier said than done, I know! But taking a good break helps keep your metabolism stable, restores your kidney system and boosts your immunity. Being calm will make it much easier for any other choices you face on your vacation.

  8. Try the "one and done" rule. Allow yourself to have treats and enjoy them – just take them once a day. Take that wonderful piece of chocolate cake. Have an extra helping of fried fries. Order one that is happily filled with butter, and love every single bite. And then, be with the less than healthy food for that day. There is always more.

However you decide to plan your meal on your trip, we would love to help you get there! As your travel agency, we can offer you in-house advice on transportation, accommodation and entertainment and much more.

10 ways to protect your phone while traveling

Keep them all in one case

Keeping your phone waterproof is a must if you are planning to avoid water while traveling.

Protect your screen

A screen protector made of tempered glass is a great option for your phone when traveling. In addition to protecting your device from scratching, it can also absorb impact in the event of a phone crash.

Be extra careful on the beach

Extreme beach temperatures, along with water and sand, can cause disaster for your phone. To prevent any major damage, invest in a good waterproof case. Protect your cellphone from the sun by using a lightweight cover. Keep the appliance away from direct sunlight to avoid overheating.

Be wary of extreme temperatures

Just as much sun can be harmful, cold temperatures can take their toll on your device. Apple recommends avoiding using the phone at temperatures below 32 degrees. Your battery may drain or die. Android phones can do better, but just to be sure, take steps to protect your phone from the cold.

If you have to use your phone in cold environments, try to avoid long periods and keep it secure and flush with the warmth of your pocket when not in use. Moreover, use a protective case built for such a climate.

Keep a portable charger

When traveling again, chances are there will be times when you need to go without power for your phone. Avoid a dead battery by carrying a portable charger. This will help you with the prolonged use of the handset.

Turn off

& It's a good idea to turn off your phone while not in use. This will help you save more battery life as well as reduce the effects of extreme temperatures. In case of water damage, turning off your cellphone immediately can prevent short circuits.

Get protection from theft

Always be careful not to leave your device unattended or tangible in open spaces, such as a tabletop while outdoors, or to hang it in your bag, where it can be easily accessed and stolen. Small body bags with handy pockets for your belongings are a great opportunity to keep your valuables close.

Apply security features to your phone, such as password protection and tracking to protect your personal information and easily track the device's location.

Keep your phone away on the plane

Do not leave your phone in your seat, desk or pocket while on the plane. Some people have tried their equipment by slipping and getting lost. Keep it well in your sachet or storage bag.

Keep your equipment in the hotel safe

Only if it is not entirely necessary for you to bring the phone, such as when you go swimming or diving, leave it behind in your hotel room.

Purchase insurance

Finally, it is always a good idea to cover and prepare for any possible scenario. Secure your phone and get coverage for any damage, including common ones such as dumping and demolition.

Travel Tips – Finding a Good Currency Converter

When traveling to another country, a currency converter is a very useful thing indeed. This may sound like basic common sense, but it is an easy thing to overlook when planning your trip abroad. There are different types of converters to choose from, each with its own merits and drawbacks for the eager traveler.

For example, a graph of printed converters may have run out of time as you embark on your journey due to inflation and ever-changing stock market values. There are also digital converters that should be considered. You may find that your mobile phone already has a currency converter feature installed, which would be very useful, or you can easily find software to do the work for your smartphone or iPod Touch, both of which will be updated regularly to give you the most accurate readings possible.

There are also many converters available to use for free online, but while an online currency converter can work very well, you can't always be sure you have internet access when you need it for your trips, and as such it may be best to focus on other options for finding a good travel currency converter.

Whichever you choose, be sure to check up-to-date exchange rate information before you embark on your journey so that you can decide how much money to take with you and also how to budget for the essentials that you will need to do it while traveling.

As with most of the best travel tips, it all breaks down into a case of little thought and common sense. It would be easy to bypass such a seemingly trivial matter, but with a good currency converter on your part, you can be sure of an invaluable holiday. A good currency converter is one of the essentials of travel that you really cannot afford to be without.

Southwest American Solo Travel Destinations, From Relaxing Spas to Hiking National Parks

One of the great features of the U.S. Southwest is that there really is something for everyone. One end of November, I booked a stylish / spa / 5 star hotel in the Scottsdale area, Arizona. There were a wide range of options available from lounging to hiking. Coming from the East Coast, a surprise to me was that the desert at that time of year was not always warm. The outside patents had heat lamps making it comfortable even after sunset to sit outside for dinner.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one thinking of the ardent sun and cowboys riding the horizon. I booked a full day excursion to the Grand Canyon. When my mini van got there, the snow had started to fall. One of our small group, a woman from Europe, dressed in "desert" clothing, light clothing and street shoes, walked into the gift shop. She came back to admire the Canyon look adorned in layers of sweatshirts, a baseball cap that provides only a marginal improvement from the cold!

Another surprise: As a kid, I had joined my schoolmates by crooning "House on the string … where the fir roam". This was more legend than reality since it seems that there are only American "bison".

Extra day trips from the Scottsdale area include a large colony of artists, Sedona, which ranges from 20th-century Frank Lloyd Wright architecture to the unforgettable natural red rock landscapes. One hiking opportunity is the Apache Trail with nearby Goldfield Ghost Town, eventually ending at Roosevelt Dam.

In any case, it was a fun trip I would recommend. The only downside? When traveling, I prefer to be away from a variety of sights.

A very different, but equally good, Christmas-themed trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. There was a lot of snow that was very seasonal but better still was the historic city itself. There were numerous restaurants, shops and local monuments, such as the Basilica of St. Francis Cathedral. The latter was recently built in the late 1800s but serves a 400 year old parish. Native Americans offered jewelry and other items, the most popular of which were turquoise and silver necklaces, earrings and even belt bundles. (Earlier in November Santa Fe hosts the SWAIA Indian Winter Market.)

Santa Fe day trips include:

• Taos

• Abiquiú

• Turquoise footprint

• Bandelier National Monument with 70 miles of hiking trails

• Georgia House O & # 39; Keefe

• Pecos National Park

• For a change of pace, Las Vegas is also within limits.

Taos in addition to its views, the route is famous for its somewhat challenging ski slopes. Although an Intermediate Skiing Ski, I carefully drove my skis to Santa Fe anticipating a day ski trip to Taos. Unfortunately though I arrived on time for practically daily snowfall, my trip coincided with Christmas week. As a result, the minivan passenger services I contacted were all unavailable. The locals discouraged me to rent a car to make an unfamiliar mountain drive only during heavy snowfall. A creative solution was to stroll the mountain and hope to find one in return. I dismissed the possibility of being stuck at night looking for one day accommodation while enjoying the region around Santa Fe.

I have found throughout the year both Arizona and New Mexico good choices for travelers only. However, for side trips to national parks check ahead for winter closures.

Why book a travel and travel company?

Monotonicity. The word itself is monotonous, but it accurately describes the mechanical nature of our world life. You go to work, come back, eat, sleep and repeat it again tomorrow like clockwork. Ever wondered how to break this routine? The answer is simple, travel. Seeing new places evokes new feelings within us, giving us a new perspective on existing things, overwriting outdated ones. But planning a travel itinerary is an annoying process and most of the time you worry about how to get to a destination instead of enjoying the trip to that destination. Then the best course of action is to hire a travel company to do your planning and then leave to enjoy your trip and nothing else. But should you get the services of a travel company? If these thoughts are haunting you, then let me clear them up for you and explain why you should choose my suggestion.

1. convenient

Since all the necessary reservations would be made for you in advance, even before you reach your destination, you can skip the queues and jump straight into the experience you've booked to enjoy. It is always a good idea to reserve your time for experiences rather than waiting for that experience to happen eventually. Thus, it is extremely convenient and an opportunity to save time.

2. Deals

Travel and travel companies usually have good relationships with hotels, restaurants, etc. And they can offer you fantastic deals on your reservations. This saves you a lot of money that you can spend on other things and make the most of your travel fun. We all want to save some money and if you have the same mindset you know what to do here.

3. recommendations

A good travel and travel company strives to improve your trip by recommending what else to do besides your usual itinerary in advance. We almost never know the hidden pearls of the places we visit until and unless a local tells you about it. The company knows a lot about the travel they are planning for you and also recommends what you can also do that many travelers may not know.

4. Timeline

Since your trip is organized by a third party, they can give you a timeline of your trip, explaining in more detail what lies ahead on your route. Knowing what to do and when to do helps us avoid any unprecedented situation and makes our journey go smoothly and we can enjoy ourselves to the maximum without having to worry about a single thing.

5. Solutions to your problems

The ultimate and best advantage of hiring travel companies and travel companies is that you can address any problems you encounter on your journey and be confident that the problem will be resolved as soon as possible. You will not face any problems yourself and everything can be handled by the company itself and instead you can use your time for meaningful things such as making memories.

Where to travel to Latin America

Latin America is an incredible place to travel for so many reasons. First, there is the weather. If you have a case of winter blues as blues as an American, then this is a great place to make a trip to. Then there is the kitchen. Iedo food may be lost in Latin America. There are so many other great things about the region. Let's skip some of the best places in Latin America to travel to.

First let's start with the neighbor of the United States in the south, Mexico. Many people think that Mexico gets a bad rap and is not a good place to travel. Those people will be mistaken. First, there are the stunning all-inclusive resorts on the Riviera Maya. These are amazing for planning a romantic getaway for her. Mexicans take hospitality to the next level.

Then it is a good time to have if you leave these resorts, just remember to be careful. If you stay in areas where there are mostly tourists around, this makes the prospects for security much more likely. There are excursions to go on where you can enjoy fun things like ring lining, repelling, snorkeling and caving. Normally you can book these trips from your resort and lined up with reputable tour companies, where you will get from your resort.

Another great place in Latin America is Costa Rica. This is a great place to vacation for many of the same reasons. You will see an emerging theme that people in Latin America take hospitality very seriously. Moreover, the food in Costa Rica is exceptional. There is no way for anyone to sit down while enjoying Costa Rican cuisine. The people in Costa Rica are extremely friendly and there is a certain vibrancy to the people here.

One less popular place in Latin America to travel to is Colombia. For many of the same reasons, this is a great place to visit. There is so much to try in Colombia when it comes to sights to see in Colombia. Another thing to keep in mind when visiting Colombia is coffee. Nowhere in the world is coffee as popular as in Colombia.

These are just a few places to start. One could take a trip or two a year to Latin America for their whole lives and they would never get tired of going there. There is so much to see and so much to do.

Free Flights – Decision – Circle Trip or Go The Airline and Return with Another?

Yes, it sounds like a strange question, but it matters. If not, I certainly wouldn't be writing this article.

Let's begin. The question here, as the title says, is to find out if we want to take a round trip with a single airline, or prefer to go with one and return with another. Again, the answer is not clear, but there are many things that can be said to give you a little guidance.

One might think that if you can find a good price with an airline to go, but the price to return is high enough, the competency will have a lower fee. Well, it may be, but rarely. If the day you return the charges with your outbound airline are high, it certainly means that the competency will also have high fees on this day. The market is the same, and since the reason for a high fee is high demand, it would be strange for two airlines covering the same route on the same day to have different requirements, wouldn't it?

Now that you have subscribed, I will say that this is not always like this, and the exception comes when we are talking about terrible time flights. I call them like that because they really are. You need to wake up at 3:00 am to arrive at the airport at 5:00 am because your flight departs at 7:00 am. Okay, you've probably found a good plane here, in case competence doesn't fly at the same time, of course!

There is a general rule that also applies. Whichever route you choose, hot deals will almost always be for round trips, not single flights. This puts you in trouble if you manage to find a good deal with another airline. If you fly with one and return with the other, you can't go shopping, but at the same time the price to return with this other airline was extremely low! It's not easy, but if an airline has a good list of discount travel deals, it's almost certain that the best option you can get is those deals.

At the same time, flying a single airline will allow you to accumulate miles if you join one of their frequent flight schedules. If you go with one and return with the other, you will always end up having points with all airlines, but none of them will be repayable for anything as the quantity will not be so high. In any case, current alliances enable you to change some points from here to there, so you should consider this option as well.

After all, I would say that you would normally find the best deal by flying the same airline from all points of view, and I only recommend flying with another in the event that travel circumstances offer clear advantages. for you. In that case, keep in mind that you are sacrificing miles for a slightly better price, so think deeply about this before making the decision.

Tour Guide – 5 Bad Things About Working as a Tour Guide

Overall being a tour guide is the best job in the world. With a good group on a good trip there is no other job you want to do. But there are some things that can make a leader's lifestyle a terrible journey.


Traveling is exhausting and every two days working as a land tour guide you are in a new city. I often forget where I am, what language I want to speak and what currency I want to pay. I wake up in another bed, in another place, and sometimes have to lie there trying to remember where I am. Sleeping during night transport is completely different. If you manage to sleep on a commuter bus ride without a coma caused by the pill, you will need the intervention of a chiropractor. Travel pillows do not work and your neck / back will always be stiff.


Few people believe they are worth what they are paid for, but your average land tour guide is paid well below any concept of minimum wage. Consider being on the phone 24 hours a day for about a month. Does $ 40 a day sound unrealistic? Its not!


Many guidebooks are not only researched and inaccurate, but always knowable. If you are a freelance traveler they can serve the purposes of a city map with an introduction to sights and highlights. If you've paid to join a tour group, you'll believe in a snap book with bad restaurant suggestions or personal favorite tour guide for your food, who has tried every dish on every menu on every institution! Many passengers start a sentence with "But my guidebook says …"

Holiday mentality

Most passengers are well-educated, well-meaning human beings, but as soon as they board a plane to a foreign land, something strange happens. They regress to being 5 years old. Daily activities become difficult to do and their common sense disappears completely. Typical questions include – "Will I like this food? What should I wear? Do I need to bring a camera?"

They may still be able to tie the shoe lace, but many will find it difficult to walk and look around at the same time. Just like a kindergarten teacher you have to make constant stops for stragglers, those who are hungry / thirsty and those who have to go to the toilet.


Reaction is the way the head office knows what's going on with your groups. Your travelers are required to complete detailed travel reports and your travel guide. Generally if you make the effort and do a good job, you will give a fantastic ride for your group, but sometimes there are those personality conflicts that no matter what you do, you know a bad report will be sent.

Worse are the feedback sent by an individual who said they had the time of their lives and you were doing a fantastic job but their written report says they had a terrible time and you were terrible. The emotional pain of these is worse than please explain by email from the boss, a potential office call, and a shift from fun trips to the deaf that no one really wants to guide.

So cross your fingers for a good group who don't carry guide books and are genuine when you say they are having the best vacation ever!

How to Prepare for a River Trip in a Good Way

If you are going on a river rafting trip, it is best for you to make the right preparation that will help you enjoy your vacation so that you can make your trip as the best choice to refresh your mind. . To help you make the right preparation, it is important that you check out this article that provides the best information for you.

1. The right step to take is to create a plan for your rafting journey. In this case, it is important that you create the plan early so you will have more time to find the best destination for your needs. What's more, you'll have more time to prepare everything related to your trip so you can make your vacation better.

2. The next step to consider is to know your rafting ratings. If you are a beginner, it is important for you to choose the journey that is not too difficult, so you will be able to enjoy it very well. You can make it more difficult if you have enough skills to make your journey more enjoyable and exciting for your needs.

3. The next step to consider is to pack properly and make sure you bring everything needed. In this case, you need to bring something that is really important in order to make your things work for your needs so that you can use them in a good way. Before packing, it is important that you make a list that is complete with everything you need to bring so that you can check the list to make sure you do not miss anything.

4. If you ask your family, it is important that you tell them that they need to use small clothes so that they do not need to bring a luggage that is full of clothes.

As you plan a trip to Greece, following these steps is a must

Do you always want a good place to rest and enjoy a vacation? Want to get relaxation, rejuvenation and adventure? If so, then you should go to the picturesque and romantic Greece. Situated on the Mediterranean Sea, this place offers crude European countryside, the opportunity for surfing beaches and wonderful sunset. Get ready to dive into stunning architecture and historic art. In addition, nightlife and food are very popular; tourists just love it.

Step 1

First, the short list of a good travel package to Greece, which not only is in your budget but also provides a comfortable spend. When you land on this, book flights. Make sure that visa and passport officials do well in advance.

Step 2

Travel and travel packages should be planned according to the season; popular seasons include mid-June to late August. If less crowded weather is preferred, then don't hesitate to book a Greece package sometime around autumn or spring; this will certainly help save commercialization.

Step 3

Always be active and book a car so that friends and family can travel together. Standard relocation is the usual type of vehicle you will find in Greece. Moreover, if you want to go far, you will have to abide by public transport such as buses and taxis.

Step 4

When talking about vacation packages in Greece, you get a great opportunity to visit all the tourist attractions. Sometimes people don't want to visit the same old places; but with these packages, you will get some new and interesting destinations on your list. Greece will be determined to surprise you with its beauty. Remember the Hydra islands, the Archaeological Museum, the Acropolis, the open theaters of Athens or Crete.

Step 5

Below are some unconventional doses and donuts during your holiday in Greece. The side of the village should wake up and hug; save some time and visit those parts of Greece, ie. smaller villages and towns. Explore some crude, raw places and have a great life experience. The authenticity of the place can be enjoyed with much relaxation and joy. The shopping side can break down and instead of an international hotel or a large restaurant, try choosing an inn and a small dinner.

Once you follow these steps, no one can stop you from having a blast of a time there. Always keep in mind that you should choose a good tour package. Usually, affordable tour packages contain everything from destinations, to meals, to airport transfers. Choose a package wisely as no one likes to compromise on vacation. Don't settle for someone who is offering cheap packages; instead, go for someone who is offering a well-planned tour. Once all things fall apart, you will surely have a vacation which will be a memorable one.